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Anqing devastating floods, Lotus rivers lend a helping hand

(Shenzhen Sea Technology Co., Ltd. Lotus family farm agriculture UAV unpaid participation in Anqing City disaster prevention and control of rice pests

Documentary, Hu Guodong, August 23, 2016 in Anqing, Anhui)


This summer, the Yangtze River basin flood was a serious flood, heavy hit Anqing City, the affected crop area of 300 mu, disaster prevention and control of pests and diseases of crops face a severe test. Shenzhen Sea Technology Co., Ltd. Lotus leadership after hearing the news immediately to the Organization Department of Anqing City, Anqing Municipal Agricultural Commission to consult the leadership, requesting the use of the Lotus series Sea agriculture UAV UAV Anqing disaster area to provide free agricultural crop disaster prevention pest flight operations.

                   (UAV aerial control site)
 (Watch the scene)
Anqing City, the leadership of the Shenzhen Lotus Sea UAV's relief request very seriously,instructed the Agriculture Commission convened Anqing county district agriculturedepartment heads, the city's large grain and farmers' representatives, on the morning ofAugust 23 in a serious epidemic of Tongcheng agricultural pest control UAVs were flyingsite, open the site to observe the flight and held the city's major rice pest prevention and control of on-site meetings.


(Pest prevention and control of the meeting site)

Lotus Shenzhen Sea Technology Co., Ltd. Anqing City that time series on agriculture UAV pest control arrangements relief activities immediately after the aircraft's technical debugging forces, equipment and preparation work, Lotus general manager Yan Jinsong rivers, Deputy General Manager Hu Guodong personally led the drive, with unmanned aerial vehicles, accessories and equipment, technical staff, but also with a love tirelessly drove more than 1000 km journey through 16 hours rushed Anqing, time and the amount of the successful completion of UAVs in Tongcheng plant protection field missions to observe and obtain satisfactory results, a certain buzz in Anqing. Yan Jinsong, general manager of the company also represents the worst affected agricultural cooperatives cash donations! Pest prevention and control at the meeting site Yan Jinsong, general manager for the participants of the county district agricultural department heads, the city's large grain farmers and representatives do Lotus Sea UAV company profile, UAV technology and plant protection services, content lectures, and answered participants' professional issues, to give praise.

                           (General Manager Yan Jinsong do UAVs special report)                      


(Yan, general manager of the new bridge make donations agricultural cooperatives)

Shenzhen Lotus Sea is a nine-year history of UAV technology and product development company, formerly known as Shenzhen Eagle remote sensing technology company, engaged in police, military UAV development and sales. Lotus Sea is the earliest UAV research and product development company, the company's actual controller Mr. Yan Jinsong is a pioneer in the domestic UAV research has also been a leader in the field of domestic drones. Eagle isolated in 2008 from becoming the first in the multi-rotor UAV development, production of high-tech companies. Dr. Lim for Lotus in 2015 by the Sea UAV company restructuring and reorganization, re-enacted the operating principles, improve the corporate governance system, the original use of the organization "headquarters economy" to solve the bigger companies do little compatibility issues. At the same time, the company developed a first strategic market segments, coupled strategic research, technology leadership strategy, growth, security strategies, financing plans, IPO strategy of modern enterprise program of struggle. Lotus Sea will be in accordance with established principles, and gradually develop and grow, to investors bring huge benefits in return. Shenzhen Lotus Sea subsidiaries in Anqing "should Anhui Sea-controlled Technology Co., Ltd." has been registered, will enter the business stage, in the "root in rural areas, agricultural services, to benefit farmers," the purpose of the plant protection service, hope to Lotus Sea Anqing agricultural modernization to make some contribution.

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